Monday, December 30, 2013

Programming Alert

This blog has been going steady for nearly six years, and there is still plenty of music yet to be tapped, considered and collected. It began as a creative outlet during an employment drought, and has continued despite positive changes to that drought.
When we began, we thought twice a week would work, in the tradition of the two days in the week when we got our main shipments at the CD store. Time and inspiration led us to post three days a week soon after embarking, which led to some truly imaginative scheduling.
The inspiration is still there, but the time is not. Therefore beginning this week, we're going back to that twice-weekly schedule. We hope that dedicated readers will understand; after reviewing about a thousand albums, can anyone accuse us of slacking? Ultimately, quality must be considered before quantity. Besides, it's not like we're stopping completely.
Look for a new post tomorrow, and again on Friday. That's the pattern we'll keep going forward, and should we manage to speed up the output again, everybody wins.
Thanks for reading this far, and please keep spreading the word. Here's to a great new year.


  1. Keep up the good work, Wardo! Best wishes for '14!

  2. what Reggie said. Your blog is always a nice, well- reasoned read.

    Blank Frank

  3. Thanks fellas! I aim to please.