Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day Special!

Here at Everybody’s Dummy we strive for quality and accuracy. Also, our narcissism requires us to review our output over the past two-plus years and 300+ reviews, and not just to see how many times the word “pleasant” has appeared. From time to time we’ll fix a typo or broken image, and the occasional rating has been adjusted, as has been threatened on the sidebar. Such changes aren’t usually advertised, as they’re mostly cosmetic. But sometimes there’s been new information requiring a larger revision of text, such as when Elvis Costello’s Taking Liberties and Out Of Our Idiot collections became available for download only, or when Past Masters was upgraded in last year’s Beatles rollout.
Our quest for consistency paid off when we noticed that the review of Wings At The Speed Of Sound didn’t quite match that of its brethren. What was more exciting was being able to update the review of The Who Sell Out when its Deluxe Edition appeared in 2009. (There was a similar upgrade to David Bowie’s Space Oddity, but we haven’t heard it yet. [UPDATE: it only took six years, but you can read all about that at the link.])
Some would say these revisions are small, and barely worth mentioning. But if you’ve been hanging on our dainty prose this long, we figure it would be a crime if you were missing out on something. So today, when so many people in this great nation feel they’ve given till it hurt, isn’t it nice to get a little surprise?
Thanks, as always, for reading and spreading the word. There’s plenty more to come.

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