Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Replacements 2: Stink

Beginning with the sound of a hapless Minneapolis cop attempting to shut down a party, only to be rebuffed by a profane young Dave Pirner, this EP presents eight loud, mostly fast, punk examples of the Replacements’ current offerings. Keeping with their self-deprecating nature, they called it Stink, and made the cover look like they stamped it themselves, then stepped on the jackets.
Westerberg isn’t there yet, but he’s learning to be clever, following “F^ck School” two songs later with “God Damn Job”. “White And Lazy” and “Dope Smokin’ Moron” are pretty direct messages too, and if you listen long enough you can hear melodies and discern lyrics. “Kids Don’t Follow” and “Stuck In The Middle” are pop songs played very fast, “Go” has a passable groove (and most resembles an actual song), then “Gimme Noise” aptly slams everything shut.
If you’re looking for snotty hardcore, you can do worse than Stink. It is only 15 minutes long, which is good since that’s about the maximum tolerance for music of this ilk. Because everything gets expanded these days, the CD adds another 11 minutes, in the form of the centerfold tribute “Staples In Her Stomach”, covers of “Hey Good Lookin’” and “Rock Around The Clock”, and a solo demo of “You’re Getting Married” (referred to as “legendary” on the promo sticker), which almost sounds sensitive.

The Replacements Stink (1982)—2
2008 CD reissue: same as 1982, plus 4 extra tracks

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